It’s tough to find someone over the age of 15 who hasn’t heard of Physical Therapy. In fact, if you visit a Physical Therapy facility, you’ll find everyone from kids to seniors working out side by side.  That’s because athletes of all ages go to Physical Therapy to recover from sports injuries.  Adults and Seniors go to Physical Therapy for joint replacements and to manage arthritis and injuries.  Rehabilitation is experienced by people of all ages and it’s not always a pleasant experience.  Physical Therapists know that. They know the joke that PT stands for “Pain and Torture.”  That’s because PT’s often have to stretch out a muscle that is tight and push it past a person’s comfort zone.

Physical Therapists work hard to help people recover.  It’s not uncommon to develop a close relationship with your Physical Therapist. Due to the nature of your injury, you might see your Physical Therapist more often than some of your family members! If that’s the case, celebrate your time spent together with a gift from this store for your PT. Or celebrate your “graduation” from PT with one of these special items.

Is someone in your life a Physical Therapist? Get them a special gift honoring this worthy profession.