Your Child

They say the mama grizzly goes to great lengths to protect her cubs. Similarly, many parents out there know what it’s like to unleash an inner beast when we feel our children are in harm’s way. When something isn’t right with our kids, we feel it.  We carry it with us even when others don’t see it.

So when your child wasn’t developing typically, you knew.  You felt it in your gut but prayed you were wrong. Then your doctor confirmed something wasn’t right.  You were given a referral to a therapist or specialist and sent on your way. The panic hits like a bucket of cold water and you’re frozen. What do you do now?

Do you go online? Do you talk about what you’re going through? The grizzly in us wants answers, wants to instinctively protect our young.  The noise from well meaning family, friends, and physicians can be overwhelming.  This website helps the grizzly in all of us get a grip on how we want to care for our little ones.  TummyTime and More is a consolidation of all the specialists, treatments, and therapies that you might consider. Armed with this information, you can best make decisions for your child instead of being swept along by the momentum of it all.  

Are we missing something? If there is a specialist or treatment you don’t see, let us know so we can research it and it to our list. You might be helping another grizzly along the way.